Technology has levelled the playing field throughout the modern workplace.

Today, what often makes a company or individual exceptional in terms of performance is the “human factor”: the ability to influence and empower people and the markets in which you operate.

Focusing on these factors, the Close Partnership enables teams and individuals to work more effectively through developing and refining their workplace communication and relationship skills.

The Close Partnership identifies the strengths and needs of individuals and organisations and creates development programmes to enhance corporate performance and personal effectiveness.



Probably the most misunderstood concept in the modern workplace.

The traditional notion of an effective team is a group of people who have a “history” of working together. A group who “get along”. So if you want to join the team, you have to take on its characteristics. Unfortunately, today’s business environment does not allow such a lengthy and inflexible approach to team building.

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People work better when they are challenged and satisfied by their job.

However, very few people start off in a work role for which they have all the necessary skills. Technical or intellectual expertise is the platform from which you begin to be effective in the workplace, but there are other less tangible qualities which play an equally vital role.

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The Close Partnership is led by Lucy Close who has over 20 years of consultancy experience working across Europe and The United States she has delivered work for multinationals, public instiutions, and SME’s. Lucy and her team are committed to helping teams and individuals realise their full potential and create business success.

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