Probably the most misunderstood concept in the modern workplace.

The traditional notion of an effective team is a group of people who have a “history” of working together. A group who “get along”. Something which is reliant on continuity. So if you want to join the team, you have to take on its characteristics. Unfortunately, today’s business environment does not allow such a lengthy and inflexible approach to team building.

Companies must have the ability to assemble teams as a rapid response to business demands. Teams must be able to take on new members as circumstances dictate. Teams that are not operating effectively have to be put back on track.

The Close Partnership specialises in consultancy which enables existing teams to work more effectively and advises companies on how to structure and manage the team building process.

  • Leadership Development programmes

  • Board Facilitation

  • Talent Management programmes

  • Presentations skills training

  • Influencing and communications skills

  • Developing and managing others

  • Managing organisational change

  • Developing high preforming teams

  • Psychometric testing

  • Programme design


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