People work better when they are challenged and satisfied by their job.

However, very few people start off in a work role for which they have all the necessary skills. Technical or intellectual expertise is the platform from which you begin to be effective in the workplace, but there are other less tangible qualities which play an equally vital role.

Being able to influence and empower people in your working environment, be they colleagues, customers or clients, is essential to realising individual and corporate goals. The Close Partnership’s specialist training addresses specific skill needs in this area.

It also offers one-to-one coaching which helps people understand how they operate in the workplace; how they interact with colleagues; and how they can use this understanding to maximise their effectiveness and job satisfaction.

  • Executive coaching

  • Influencing skills

  • Managing organisational politics

  • Improving presence and impact

  • Handling conflict

  • Networking skills

  • Personal profiling for effective management


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