“We thought our new star recruit would be the Oxford alumni who just walked into the interview room. Lucy helped us to see that the person we were looking for was actually an employee of our own, sitting right under our nose.”

Under our nose
CEO - Chartered Institution

“Lucy’s influence and empower workshops helped me to gain higher states of awareness around the politics of my workplace. With that insight, I was able to plan my next moves.”

Head of Sales - Accountancy Body

“I already knew where I was going. Lucy helped me get there.”

Seeing is believing
MD - FTSE 500 Company

“I was struggling to harness the power of my own voice in the workplace. The Close Partnership’s presentation and influencing workshops got me talking so I was being heard.”

Getting heard
Managing Associate - Magic Circle Law Firm

“The Close Partnership excels in facilitation. Whether it was a challenging board meeting, a directors away day or simply a difficult conversation, they helped our team to define goals, overcome conflict and stay on track.”

Stay on track
SLT - FTSE 100 Company

“Lucy is full of energy and insight, which she combines with a thoughtful and intelligent approach to helping us reach our goals. It also helps that she is a CEO of her own successful business. It means she practices what she preaches, and her “preaching” is from real world experience. She’s great.”

Practice what you preach
CEO - Property Development Company

“I was struggling with prioritising. Lucy’s executive coaching helped me to create clarity around objectives so I could take my business to the next level.”

CEO - Independent Consultancy Firm